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1. No fishing in the summer when the farmer uses the

2. No fishing in front of the house on the Inkpens stretch or beyond the first straight over the Rousham side.


As a member of Steeple Aston Angling Club you are able to fish two stretches of the River Cherwell near Lower Heyford called Inkpens and Rousham. Please see the RULES page of this website before visitng this venue. As part of the O.D.A.A you are also able to fish various stretches of the RIver Thames, River Cherwell,  and Oxofrd Canal for free as part of our club – please see the O.D.A.A website for more information.

Parking for the stretches above is at Heyford Station car park. Access is via the B4030 with fishing only allowed from the Heyford bank. Please make sure you do not damage any of the plants, trees or bushes and stick to the rules stated. It is also advisable to not fish in these fields when cows are present. These fields are also prone to flooding so make sure you are safe and follow the weather forecast leading up to your session.