Est. 1949


1. The club shall be called ‘Steeple Aston Angling Club’.

2. That the affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee of eight members with the addition of a President, Vice President, Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer. The committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting; five shall form a quorum.

3. Membership subscription is detailed on page 13 of the membership booklet. No person shall exercise any rights of membership until a current rod licence is produced at the time of purchase and the subscription is paid in full for the current season. The committee have the right to refuse or withdraw membership.

4. Members fish at their own risk.

5. Two rods may be used, but only when the second is for the purpose of pike fishing baited with dead bait only.

6. Any member committing wilful damage to banks or the fences of waters, the crops adjoining, trespassing on mowed grass or not closing and fastening gates after them will be expelled.

7. No fish caught in club waters shall be removed without the written consent of the committee.

8. No ‘live bait’ to be used on club waters.

9. The minimum age for membership shall be 10 years. An adult must accompany members under the age of 16 and take full responsibility for them.

10. Club competition rules are available from the match secretary.

11. One months notice before the 31st January of each year to be given for any proposed alterations to the rules. This must be sent to the Hon Secretary in writing.

12. There is no longer fishing at Middle Aston Lake.

13. Pike and zander do not count in club matches however these species may be weighed separately for any specimen trophies available. Trout only count on matches in season between 1st April and the 31st October inclusive.

14. All matches shall cost a £5.00 standard peg fee to fish with an optional £5.00 fee to enter the pools. There will also be a £1.00 optional golden peg fee. Set winnings will be agreed every year at the AGM with the Hon Treasurer.

15. The AGM date shall be organised in time to notify members on the final match of the season. All AGMs should occur in the first week of May (or as close to this as possible).

16. Overhead power cables kill. Anyone caught fishing within a deemed to be dangerous range of overhead cables instantly loses their membership of Steeple Aston Angling Club.

17. Evening matches will be fished 13:00 to 18:00, with the draw at 12:00. This is subject to change from the Match Secretary(ies) who has/have the final say two weeks prior to the match.

18. Any fish weighed in on matches (including individual fish for specimen trophies – pike inclusive) must be witnessed by at least one other full adult member who is not related. If not witnessed, your weight and points will be void for that match.

19. Steeple Aston Angling Club are affiliated to Oxford & District Anglers Association (O.D.A.A). Members can fish O.D.A.A waters but must not remove fish from these waters, leave any litter, or damage the banks. The list of waters you can fish free of charge are available on the O.D.A.A website, please present this membership booklet if asked by a bailiff on an O.D.A.A water.